11-year-old girl rescued after abduction from school bus

11-year-old girl rescued after abduction from school bus

Rapid Massachusetts police used a highway construction site to stop an alleged kidnapper’s vehicle and rescue an 11-year-old girl on Wednesday night.

Charlotte Moccia of Springfield was rescued unharmed after apparently being abducted after getting off the school bus on Wednesday afternoon.

The girl was forced to ride in a dark blue Honda at around 1:26 pm, “shortly after getting off her school bus,” according to Massachusetts state police.

Authorities issued an Amber alert and posted photos of Charlotte and the car, which they claimed was used in the kidnapping. Around 7:15 p.m., state police began receiving 911 calls from Massachusetts Turnpike motorists who had spotted the car near Brimfield, about half an hour from Springfield.

Officers used a road construction site along the toll road to channel traffic on one lane, then slow traffic to crawl. When they spotted the suspect’s car, they stopped the vehicle and found Charlotte in the back seat, with the suspect in the driver’s seat and a knife visible in the door pocket, police said.

An officer pulled Charlotte out of the car while two others removed the suspect at gunpoint.

“She’s an amazing little girl,” said Lt. Col. Bob Ackerman of Charlotte, who attends the Hampden Charter School of Science. “I can’t believe how strong she was with this.”

Charlotte was transported to hospital for a precautionary assessment, but suffered no apparent injuries according to the authorities.

The suspect was taken into police custody.

“We are eternally grateful to the motorists who listened to the Amber alert and who called and reported seeing the vehicle,” said Lt. Charles Murray. “There were a number of these calls and they made this rescue possible.”


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