11-year-old girl saved hours after kidnapping; Video of suspicious car surfaces

11-year-old girl saved hours after kidnapping; Video of suspicious car surfaces

(CNN) – A video recorded the day before an eleven-year-old Massachusetts girl was kidnapped has captured a suspicious car that is driving on the same street as the child.

The girl was kidnapped on Wednesday and later found safe after the state police overhauled the car she was in. She acted on a tip from a civilian. The blue Honda sedan in the video matched the description of the suspect vehicle.

State police said a man forced the girl into a car on Wednesday when she went home from school around 1:30 p.m. A woman was driving the car when the incident happened, the authorities said.

A surveillance camera shows a blue car behind her as she walks down a street on Tuesday.

“The car was also seen in the area yesterday,” said Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood on Wednesday when the police released the video.

After the girl was kidnapped, the authorities issued an Amber Alert with a description of the suspicious car, and a person driving the Massachusetts Turnpike discovered the vehicle on Wednesday evening.

When the Massachusetts State Police ran over the car, a man with the girl was inside. She was taken to a hospital and, according to the state police, had no obvious injuries. Clapprood said the girl’s condition was “fair to good”.

The man, Miguel Rodriguez, 24, who was arrested does not appear to have any connection with the girl, the commissioner said.

“I’ll tell you that I’ve been doing this for a while, and there are very few of these types of situations where you actually have to kidnap a strange child,” she said.

The second person who was in the suspicious car at the time of the kidnapping was not found, the police said.

It is unclear whether Rodriguez has a lawyer.