95% of Americans say travel bans “necessary” to stop the coronavirus

95% of Americans say travel bans

President Trump’s travel bans on China, Iran, Europe, and also closures on the southern and northern borders, are the most popular political initiatives the White House has promoted to combat the Chinese coronavirus, reveals one. new survey.

The latest Pew Research Center poll found that, despite all precautions by federal and state governments, about 95 percent of Americans said “restrict international travel to the US.” is the most necessary action to stop the coronavirus spread.

That includes about 96% of Republican and 94% of Democratic voters who said travel bans are vital to fighting the coronavirus, which is the most popular policy initiative among Americans.

(Pew Research Center)

According to Breitbart News, Trump has closed southern and northern borders for entry and travel of migrants, as well as imposing travel bans on China, Iran and Europe to stop recent visitors and nationals from ‘these countries fly to the USA.

Many have called for a comprehensive moratorium on immigration and bans on board travel to prevent new arrivals and foreigners from entering the United States amid the coronavirus crisis. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has enacted an international travel ban that effectively prevents all foreign air travelers from entering Canada.

Today, flights from heavily affected countries such as South Korea, India, Canada, Brazil and Japan have continued despite experts admitting that foreign travel have been a major contributor to coronavirus spread in the US.

This survey was conducted from March 19 to 24 and surveyed more than 11,500 American adults.

John Binder is a Breitbart News reporter. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.