A vulnerable gay dancer and barren parents

Coronavirus: Gay dancer trapped in lockdown with homophobic parents

The dancer said as a child and working in the theater, her father told her to “take care” of homosexuals. (Envato)

A young gay gay actor has described how, as a result of the decline of the coronavirus, he is trapped at home by his Christian parents who believe he has a “deadly disease”.

Sam, 23, told the BBC that the coronavirus epidemic meant the tour he was on had suddenly been forced to return home.

A gay player from Birmingham said: “My favorite activities have ended at night, and I am now single.”

He continued: “My mother says homosexuality is a terrible disease and the devil is making me have sex. He prays aloud every day that I am set free from sin and find a wife.

“I have nowhere else to go during this time of crisis, so I allow myself to suffer.”

As a teenager and an actress, her father told her to “watch out” for homosexuals.

Sam said he came out to his Christian parents who live at his university home, because he thought he would never be home.

He added that he was forgotten by the LGBT community: “I see on social media that people are so busy filming home workouts, doing parties online, that they don’t realize that there are people like me who are struggling to survive now.

Not because of the coronaviruses, but because of their sex. ”

Lucy Bowyer, director of services for LGBT + charity akt, told the BBC that the agency is helping between 120 and 130 young people, and that the number of 16- to 17-year-olds has increased.

He also said the charity is providing shelters and families with LGBT + youth, adding: “Over the past few weeks we have been receiving a lot from young people.

“Our support team is in line with the current climate of providing interactive services, social networking and social networking to find the time that young people need.”

LGBT + people being rejected by abusive families due to a coronavirus are becoming a global problem.

Earlier this month, some support groups warned that closure in the Middle East was a right for LGBT + people with close relatives.