Aircraft crash in Kazakhstan: Bek Air with 100 on board sinks at Almaty


A plane with 100 people crashed at Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan, killing at least seven people.

On Friday morning, Almaty Airport reported that there were survivors and emergency services were in place. The scene from the crash site seemed to show that the plane had hit the building.

Emergency services went through the wreckage.

Rebecca Rambar

# Kazakhstan Les dégâts sont mieux visibles with le jour qui se lève.
L’avion est un Fokker-100.
Les vols de type Fokker-100 au Kazakhstan sont suspendus.

27 December 2019

Bek Air was flown from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, to the capital of Nursultan.

It started at 7.22 local time.

Hamadi Aram

# Aircraft flight crashes after takeoff from Almaty airport # flight2100 #Ammaty # Алматы

27 December 2019

The Kazakh Civil Aviation Committee said in a statement that the aircraft “lost altitude during takeoff and broke a concrete fence” before it hit a small building.

“At present, the number of victims is 7,” the committee said.

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27 December 2019