Alice in chains and a few ghosts made a bourbon together. And it rocks

Few Spirits x Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains worked with FEW Spirits on this limited release

What we drink: All the secrets that LITTLE spirits know

Where it comes from: FEW is an Illinois-based distillery that helped abolish the existing prohibition laws in 2011 so that they could produce grain spirits within the city limits of Evanston. You can recognize the LITTLE bottles by their rectangular shape and the colored labels that reproduce woodcuts and usually contain pictures from the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. They also source their grain regionally. FEW’s Breakfast Gin is better known for its bourbon, but it can start your day off really well.

Why we drink this: All Secrets Known is a limited edition bourbon made in collaboration with the legendary Seattle band Alice in Chains (which is also named after a 2009 AIC song). Unlike most FEW publications, the bottle has a label designed by artist Justin Helton. The other twist here? This high rye bourbon spent another six months in ex-tequila barrels.

How it tastes: Nothing like Seattle, but a lot like a spicy bourbon with the mouthfeel and the distinct sweetness of agave. Not a lot on the nose, but you get the vanilla and butter scotch of a bourbon and a little kick of rye. Great on its own, this could work well in most bourbon-based cocktails (yes, like in Old Fashioned). Whiskey drinkers don’t turn into tequila snobs or vice versa, but if you like both spirits, you will surely appreciate how well the two styles play together.

Funny fact: As a teenager, you met AIC singer Layne Staley in Seattle, right after the band’s kick-off show for their first major label album. He signed a cassette single for me with the phrase “Don’t touch it, you will go blind”. RIP, Layne.

Where can you get it: All Secrets Known will be released late last fall and will be available in limited quantities in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York and Washington. It was sold out at ReserveBar and some other online stores, but we found a bottle for $ 99 at De Wine Spot.