All the differences between Cross-section and Project Track

All the differences between Cross-section and Project Track

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn’s new show at Amazon, Making the Cut, has a lot in common with Project Runway. Both are reality competition series in which designers compete for a big prize that can drive or significantly boost their existing careers. And in both projects Gunn and Klum appear. However, there are a number of small but important differences between the execution of the project trajectory.

The contestants

While the project track mainly featured contestants who were just starting their careers, Making the Cut features more established designers. Gunn said during the TV Critics’ Association run in January, according to variety.

The budget

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly said it best when she described Making the Cut as “an Amazon Money Run Project”. Not only does the winner receive $ 1 million instead of $ 250,000 of a track project, but they also have the opportunity to sell their collection at Amazon. “We’ve always been a show that never had the biggest budget,” Klum told the same TCA panel. “When you have a bigger budget like Amazon, you have to go to Paris and Tokyo and the designers will inject that creativity.” Which leads us to …

The places

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Instead of staying in New York, Making the Cut takes contestants to fashion hot spots like Paris, New York and Tokyo.

The seamstresses

On the project trajectory, designers are often forced to scramble to make the clothes themselves, regardless of their sewing experience. But by variety, every designer in Making the Cut is given a seamstress, which does not help with design but does help with construction. They chose to add this element because, as Gunn noted, “this is how it is done in the real world.”

The business angle

Making the Cut also puts more emphasis on business and branding, including putting Amazon-winning designs after each episode. “It’s no longer a sewing competition,” Klum told Variety in a separate interview. “We are looking for a great brand, so they need to have a business mindset along with their creativity.”

the judges

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Au revoir, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors! In Making the Cut, Klum and Gann recruited fresh but well-established judges such as Nicole Richie, designer Joseph Altozara, Italian fashion blogger Kiara Fargani, longtime Vogue Paris editor Karin Roitfeld, and supermodel Naomi Campbell (whose first-class interpretation, Mother The trailer is some indication).

As to whether any of these changes make enough to differentiate the cut-off from the project trajectory … the judgment goes for you.