Allee Willis, co-author of ‘Friends’ and ‘September’, dies at 72

Allee Willis, co-author of 'Friends' and 'September', dies at 72

Legendary singer Allee Willis died at 72 after a sudden heart attack, according to The New York Times. Willis’s credits over the years include songs for Earth, Wind and Fire, including “September” and “Boogie Wonderland”, and score for the musical purple. He also co-wrote “I’ll Be There For You”, the theme song for Friends that was subsequently recorded by Rembrandt.

She won two Grammys – one for her work in Color Purple and one for the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack – and was nominated for an Emmy and a Tony. In 2018, Willis was inducted into the songwriting room.

Willis was born in Detroit in 1947 and moved to New York after earning a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin. She copied and wrote notes for Columbia and Epic Records before she began recording her own music, including 1974’s Childstar album that drew Bonnie Raitt’s attention. He moved to Los Angeles and received an editorial in 1977 and continued to write songs that have sold over 50 million copies. She was described as a “kitsch queen” and sold her own artwork through her website.

Last year, when Taylor Swift covered Earth, Wind and & Fire, in September, she spoke and mentioned that her version sounded “like a lethargy like a drunken turtle sinking under a sunflower after taking a bottle of Valium”. [/ embed] [/ embed] [/ embed] [/ embed] [/ embed]