Amazon ‘Dark Tower’ series is not going forward

Amazon 'Dark Tower' series is not going forward

I think it’s not a great week for Stephen King. After Amazon Prime Video filmed a pilot based on the author’s popular Dark Tower books, a series was ordered.

The proposed series came from Glen Mazzara, a former show runner of The Walking Dead and the production company MRC. The pilot will not be marketed on other platforms, but the scripts will. So this is not the complete end of the project.

The Dark Tower is a huge series with well over a million words and eight books. It tells the complicated story of The Gunslinger, Roland, in his search for a tower (it’s dark, shocking). It’s an incredibly complex series that takes place in various genres and even other works by Stephen King.

The story was first translated into a film by Sony in 2017, starring Idris Elba as Roland, the gunslinger. The film also played Matthew McConaughey and was a massive failure. This may have been due to the difficulty of the material and the breadth of the story, so it seemed a better choice to adapt the books as a television series.

The series was described as playing long before the events in the film (which makes sense because time-consuming stuff is at work). According to the deadline, the series “focused on the genesis of Roland Deschain (Sam Strike) – as he did first he became a gunslinger and got his weapons, his first conflict with the man in black (Jasper Pääkkönen), his first love and his first mission as a gunslinger. “I mainly share this because the lack of an Oxford comma means that the man in black is the gunslinger’s first love – that sounds like a funny series!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t what Amazon wanted. According to Deadline’s report, Amazon believed the project was not large enough to compare it to a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings style epic. This is strange when you consider that Amazon does not need this because a current series with “Lord of the Rings” is in the works. Hollywood’s ways are strange.

There may be a future for this series, but Glen Mazzara nevertheless praised the project on Twitter.

I am incredibly proud of the work that our cast and crew have done on the Dark Tower pilot. They are an incredibly creative group of people who have given everything and taken great risks. I know they did a lot. Tbh, I would not change anything.

– Glen Mazzara (@glenmazzara), January 16, 2020

He also shared “There are other worlds than this” which alludes to the book and possibly other projects or other networks. Another joke seemed to indicate that he wasn’t finished with the property.

It’s a tough business, but I’m incredibly happy to have worked on The Dark Tower for the past three years. I started in March 2017. I think @StephenKing wrote it over 37 years ago. We’ll see you in 2054. 😬

– Glen Mazzara (@glenmazzara), January 16, 2020

We are sad to see that this project is not progressing as it seemed to be a good match between platform, creatives and story. Hopefully this is not the real end and the series will still take place on a distant day.

(via: Deadline, Image: Illustration by Michael Whalen)

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