Anti-abortion rights groups demand HHS to prohibit abortion in coronavirus outbreaks

Anti-abortion rights groups demand HHS to prohibit abortion in coronavirus outbreaks

A coalition of more than 30 anti-abortion rights activists has called on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to temporarily ban most abortion services during the outbreak of the coronavirus, and told HHS Secretary Alex Hazard to “ stop the surgery. ” “To request a clinic to provide procedures for

A letter sent to the department on Tuesday sent an abortion service to an organization offering planned parental-like procedures, saying “healthcare professionals should be provided with their PPE [personal protective equipment] and other equipment. Ask the HHS to “join to donate to the coronavirus reaction.” Groups such as Susan B. Anthony Liszt, Rights to the People’s Lives, and Heritage Action also called for not expanding telemedicine as a way for patients to undergo drug abortion during outbreaks.

The request is made after the two states, Texas and Ohio, have interpreted the discontinuation of “non-critical” medical procedures, including abortion, and ordered a temporary ban on abortion in their state. In Ohio, the Attorney-General’s office wrote a stop and request letter to two state clinics offering abortion, and CBS News reported that the abortion was included in the suspension of the state’s ‘non-essential’ medical procedures Revealed that

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According to a press release from the Attorney General, almost all abortions are banned in Texas, except for “the medical need to maintain a mother’s life or health.” Violators will face “up to $ 1,000 or 180 days in prison.”

In both Ohio and Texas, abortion bans are part of a broader effort to protect medical resources that are highly needed in the outbreak of COVID-19.

Medical professional groups and abortionists have called for this procedure as an integral part of reproductive health care and have resisted the order. In Ohio, abortion-providing clinics continued to provide these services, but at the time of publication, it was unknown whether the procedure had been discontinued in Texas.

“Abortion is an essential and time-sensitive medical procedure,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Planned Parenthood League, in a statement shared with CBS News. Was. “Delays in care or additional barriers may make it more difficult or impossible for some patients to access safe and legal abortions. Provide critical care during this pandemic And work with our partner healthcare providers to give patients access to the services they need. “

Other states, such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington, have explicitly stated that their directive to suspend “non-essential” surgical procedures does not include abortion services.

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