Australian Shrubs and Climate Crisis Leaves News from Australia


This year, your online Australian and US editions have brought many new talented writers to the British reader and I am grateful for a better understanding of these countries’ policies and culture. You do great service by embracing the world of reading English. In particular, I think many Pommies feel great empathy with the Aussies in their situation with unprecedented bushfires. As Brigid Delaney writes (The climate crisis is here and I saw it in 2019, Journal, December 21): “It was a year that many (Australians) stopped dissociating, waking up and realizing that the party was over.” they are far behind you in this respect.
Geoff Naylor
Colden Common, Hampshire

• The economic losses and deaths caused by the bushfire disasters we are experiencing do not seem to be enough to shift the Australian government with a lack of determination to deal with the elephant in the room. When the world watched the burning of Australia, Angus Taylor was ashamed of us in Madrid and Scott Morrison basked in the sun in Hawaii. Will it trickle through biblical proportions to deny the deniers of the liberal party’s climate change?
Jon Jovanovic
Lenah Valley, Tasmania, Australia

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