Bayley talks to cut her 7-year-old ponytail

Bayley talks to cut her 7-year-old ponytail

Friends didn’t see the moment Bayley cut her famous hair, but the WWE cameras could very well have been there to capture it. They kiss what they can, after all. Bayley will always remember that day and the shock of losing her famous ponytail.

While talking to News Detroit, Bayley discussed her journey with a heel person. He admitted he was “a little shocked” when the ponytail first cut. Bayley then got a hairstyle that was much smaller than she had been since she was a baby girl.

“I felt great. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew what I had to do. But the real cut of the ponytail, I was a little shocked. My hair was the longest I’ve ever gotten, and I had that spider with a riddle for seven years. the last time my hair was so short, I was 10 years old. ”

Bayley closed her heel a long way, killing Bayley’s friends just to not have the short hair a good idea. Looks like she’s having a good time being a heel now, especially as a Women’s SmackDown Champion.