Because Meghan and Harry are fine with the kings

Because Meghan and Harry are fine with the kings

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced an uneven path when they decided to change their royal roles, their decision seems already disappointing. Not only is the situation with the rest of the family apparently smoothing out, but a source told Us Weekly that “Meghan feels free, she’s never happy, she’s happy to be out of London.”

This is understandable, given that “British newspapers were ruthless about Meghan Markle”, according to Global News. The former actress, who has experience in the spotlight, admitted during an ITV documentary (via People) that while warning before Harry was married that “British prisons would ruin her life”, she explained: it would be easy , but I thought it would be fair. “It certainly didn’t seem fair at all to see how differently Markle and Middleton are treated by the press.

While this makes it clear why the Duchess of Sussex would like to leave England ASAP, the US Weekly Rapporteur also acknowledged that Markle was “surprised how quickly everything happened”. That may be the case, but judging by her joyous final appearances in Britain with her husband in early March 2020, the two are definitely ready to start a new life together with their son, Archie, in their Canadian home .

And honestly, who wouldn’t be excited to live in a $ 14 million house on the water with his own charming prince?