Because Vince McMahon is probably burying Matt Hardy

Because Vince McMahon is probably burying Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy could be out of the WWE in a few weeks. February 2020 seems to be his exit unless he re-signs a contract and it doesn’t look like the plan now.

During conversations with the big guy, Ryback brought Matt Hardy. He said Vince McMahon always saw Jeff Hardy as the star of the two. Jeff’s current legal status may have played a part in Matt Hardy’s roof, but Ryback has also dealt with the same contractual situation.

Ryback said Vince McMahon put the IC Title on him in an attempt to get him to sign up to re-write with WWE. That didn’t happen and so Ryback began to lose. This is well known to Ryback, as it is the same thing he sees happening to Matt Hardy.

“Sure Matt doesn’t do anyone any favors with this whole Jeff Hardy situation. But in my personal opinion, based on Matt Hardy’s story and how they’ve done it in the past, they saw Jeff Hardy as the biggest star in the eyes of the company ยป.

“Or, at least, he used Jeff in better roles for the most part. With Matt Hardy, I think the contract is a huge thing. And when Matt left – so does Vince McMahon and they. It happened to me when I wouldn’t rewrite the contract and they put Intercontinental’s title on me to get me the mark and get me to sign their cheap contract and when that didn’t happen they started downgrading too slowly to try to get me a sign and I say, “No, no, no. I want you to let me win ograpso what you want. I’ll sign anything. “

Ryback seems to have plans for 2020 and an open meeting with the WWE whenever he wants. But that doesn’t seem to be on his agenda. We have to watch both Matt Hardy and Ryback carefully, because 2020 could be a very exciting year for both. [/ embed]

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote