Bill Cosby is seeking parole because karanavirusa flash

Bill Cosby is seeking parole because karanavirusa flash

Bill Cosby lawyers intend to file a petition for early release from prison of the convicted person, if coronavirus crisis continues to grow.

Cosby, who was accused of sexually assaulting 60 women, was jailed in 2018 for substance abuse and sexual assault of Andrea Kanstand in his home 15 years ago.

According to IB Times, please leave Cosby leave jail and be placed under house arrest, rather than correctional officer SCI Phoenix in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where Cosby serving his time, experienced a positive effect on the coronavirus.

“The reason: Mr. Cosby elderly and blind – and it should always be carried out by the prison support staff, known as” Certified experts “- said spokesman Andrew Cosby Uayat.

“These prisoners can become a victim of the coronavirus and easily transfer the disease to Mr. Cosby, they encircle him in a wheelchair. Among their duties concludes with Mr. Cosby to the medical unit for medical prescription and clean the camera.”

Andrew Uayat, a spokesman for Bill Cosby #: “For the record, Mr. Cosby has not been tested for the virus – but it feels great – except for the blind and blood pressure sometimes jumps.” Karanavirusnyya # news # COVID19 #BillCosby

– Carl Gessler Jr. (@MontcoCourtNews) March 25, 2020

Rapper Tekasi 6ix9ine also called for the early release from prison due to prolonged outbreak Covid-19 this week. Daniel Hernandez to be released from prison in August, which originally faced 37 years in prison on charges of federal racketeering.

Tekashy lawyer allegedly wrote that asthma rapper could expose it to the risk, if it is infected with the disease.

Meanwhile, Cosby left eight years before the sentence. In November last year he gave his first interview after the conclusion, saying that “no remorse” for his crimes.

“I have eight years and nine months. When I came to the Parole Board, they will not hear me say that I am sorry. I was there. I do not care what a group of people talking and talking about it, if they are there have not been, “- he said to Black Press USA.