Blessings, in spite of everything, Find a way to celebrate this year’s Authors

Blessings, in spite of everything, Find a way to celebrate this year's Authors

Like many authors who still teach, new authors Ling Ma spent many weeks in her apartment, preparing her curriculum for online classes. On Wednesday night, Ma – one of the 10 winners of this year’s Whiting Awards – was relaxed. “I’m just going to get to where I can travel to this day,” he said. “I’m lucky even though it’s a scary time right now.”

It was a night for 10 of America’s most prolific authors. In the evening, news was circulated about the Whiting Foundation’s new class of victories, but instead of entertaining people with cocktails and photographing a group, they were separated from them. houses across America, watching the ceremony from the ground up when it became clear that in persona was, for now, something of the past.

The award, which comes with a $ 50,000 reward, is meant to achieve exceptionalism and dedication in the new developers and give them the incentive to succeed. There is an incomplete list of finding authors who are going to analyze their eras, e.g. Jeffrey Eugenides, Deborah Eisenberg, Elif Batuman, Jonathan Franzen, and many more.

Usually, the winners publish a book when they are elected, and in Ma’s case, his new song is on his mind again. Announced in 2018, Terrorism is a black comedy that examines life as the most lethal disease. He said he saw the link and even asked to write about it, but ruled against it. “I’m looking at real-life events like everyone else,” he said. “I’m just watching right now.”

The night always comes at the end of a week of hard work and relationships that have left a class of 10 winners like the bunk of the summer. This year, the team has all directed to one another via email, where they are well-versed in the thinking and avoidance of their work. Along with the winners, the fake authors Jia Tolentino, whose book, Trick Mirror, sparked speculation last fall, several of the other awardees have said that Ma was someone they would meet after getting to know them. of their manuscripts.

To the poet Genya Turovskaya, maintaining his practice as a psychologist in the middle of seclusion has been extremely busy, but he is well recognized as an author despite the circumstances. “It took a long time for this event to happen to me,” he said in a recent interview. “I’ve been working quietly and rarely for a long time.” He plans to look at the ceremonies on his high chair.

Authors are not Jaquira Díaz received the call from the foundation while he was boarding the flight at the end of the tour for his author, Ordinary Girls, who recounts his childhood in Puerto Rico. He said that he immediately felt a lack of faith, which often ended. “He still thinks I have to work to prove myself, but to myself,” he said by phone from Miami. He said the ceremony would be bittersweet because his partner was separated in the U.K. and they may not be viewed together.

Play Will Arbery is opening up more jobs in his Brooklyn apartment when he thinks of what he describes in interviews as “the confusion of travel we have all gone on.” When he picked up the phone, he had just finished writing in that monologue Michael Shannon will be performing on Instagram later that night. “I got a call with co-workers, trying to push the work forward,” he said. “Everyone was affected by it – it’s not like someone said, ‘The what page did you promise me! ‘”