California fashion Mogul Chrisa Pappas can walk you through her closet strategically

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If you like fashion and window shopping, the idea of ​​one’s “window shopping” wardrobe … basically, it’s kind of a novel. Most of the modern world will produce names like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian at first glance. But in the realm of celebrities of authentic, integral elements such as California’s only fashionista, Chrisa Pappas combines style with branding strategy.

An enthusiastic, social and fashion influencer by the day, Pappas is a mother of two and a wife at night. With nearly 100,000 loyal followers on her Instagram page, Pappas is also the host of many social media platforms, blogs, a YouTube channel and her own brand Chrisa Pappas.

Behind the grill with Chris Pappa

For some, an amazing lifestyle and career is almost impossible. At a time when the economy and complex dynamics associated with modern income have shattered the idea of ​​the “American dream”, it can be difficult to imagine that a passion can be a business and that one could pass working time in an industry they love.

Very few have reached this level of satisfaction with their daily lives and have been able to successfully earn money from their crafts. But with a quick search in the world of social media, we have been able to find examples of this ideal life.

As for Pappas, he is not your average fashion blogger. Oh, it’s so much more than that.

Why do you ask?

She doesn’t live in a global fashion city like New York, Paris or Milan.

Right outside of Sacramento, California, Pappas blogs and shares clothes and accessories he personally owns – so you won’t find any sponsored posts from some brands.

If you go to the Pappas Instagram page and website, you will find that her boutique is straight out of her personal clothing collection, including a collection of accessories, dresses, jackets and tops.

As soon as Pope has sold most of her wardrobe, she donates a portion of it to charity.

And for the enthusiastic fashionista visiting the Pope’s closet, this is a very real opportunity to see how each of us has the ability to turn our dreams into reality.

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Grit Daily talked to Pappas about why he chose to portray himself as one of the most authentic, authentic and unique fashion bloggers out there.

Once a young graduate of the University of Boston with a degree in architecture, Pappas never believed he would be able to do so in the top luxury fashion industry. But over the past few years, Chrisa’s reputation and influence has continued to grow rapidly.

Aiming to bring sophistication, elegance and fun to the average household, it bridges the gap between the normal and the extraordinary in the design world. And with that goal in mind, the fashion blogger lives out her dream.

Grit Daily: What was the strategy behind being true to yourself and your brand … literally at the expense of accepting brand sponsorship?

Christa Pappa: To be honest, I didn’t have a strategy when I started so I was saying yes to the opportunities because they looked new and exciting. I realized that I was pulling in too many different directions and I felt like I was spreading too thin. I was not satisfied with the quality of the work we provide. I ended up taking some time to redefine why I first started this. So now my strategy is that every time I get a chance I wonder if it’s something that is truly authentic to my vision and myself. I know it’s very simple but it helps to put things in perspective very quickly.

GD: When brands like Chanel, Fendi, Hermes etc. they get to work with you, what do you usually say to them and why?

CP: It still depends, but I always want to know that authenticity to myself is the most important part of any partnership with any brand. When I work with a brand, I need the freedom to incorporate my style into the partnership.

I will never tell others what to buy or how to spend their money. My followers are smart, sophisticated and understanding. They know that in this new retail environment, there are many options for them and they have control. I’m here to share my style, knowledge and experiences so that my fans have all the tools at their disposal to make informed decisions.

I also tell brands that I can give them a picture of what their customers are going through and I think both customers and brands appreciate it.

GD: We like to see influential female entrepreneurs, like you, on the rise. What would you consider to be the most demanding and exciting parts of your trip?

CP: I think the hardest part of this journey is the haters. It can really derail you, especially some haters you thought were your friends. Then I remember that for every hater there are 10 people who support and forgive me and there is nothing better than that!

The most exciting part of this trip is being able to meet such amazing and exciting people from all over the world. Never get tired of it.

GD: To all the haters and naysayers out there that have never told you, or maybe not take you as seriously as you would like, what do you want them to know?

CP: For haters, I’d say don’t waste your time negative or critical. It won’t get you anywhere you’ll be happy.

For people who didn’t take me seriously … Email me if I was able to change my mind … I don’t keep bad guys 🙂

GD: To those of you who follow in your footsteps who love to showcase their personal collection to their community, what advice or tips do you have for them when you start out?

CP: I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’ll say it again. Everything is great, but keep in mind that it’s actually a lot of work. No one just gives these opportunities, you have to put in the work.

It’s exhausting, competitive, emotional and stressful, but at the end of the day it’s worth it if you do something you enjoy. Stay true to yourself and keep the people who have your back close.

Chrissa Pappas poses with her Chanel LED wallet Photo: Francisco Chavira

Looking for a design he has never seen

Paying to showcase her own unique look with pieces from brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi and more, makes a profit out of her own eye for design.

For example, there was a picture we were missing – where Pope was putting in his own Chanel LED wallet. He had never seen anything like this before.

It can also boast many high profile relationships that have led her to every corner of the world.

Taking to the streets of European fashion centers in Europe, Asia and North America, Pappas presented and presented at events as big as the Paris Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival.

Called to share the red carpet with celebrities like the Hadid sisters, Pappas may not be as well known outside the California area, but with the pace she brings herself into the fashion thinking world, she will soon be.

Pappas has shown that work does not need to work at all. She has turned her love of designing into a luxury business, advising and influencing, and will not leave the fashion scene any time soon.

But in no time at all, Chris Pappa will not only bring luxury fashion to the modern household, it will be her own household.