Conducting a Review: A Business Plan

Conducting a Review: A Business Plan

When Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn left Project Runway, a fashion show they had planned for 16 seasons, many fans of the series said everything was gone. One era ended and the show was doomed. Substitute, however, models Karlie Kloss and the winner of Runway Christian Siriano into Klum and Gunn’s role and the movie makes them great. I may regret Klum’s relative kookiness whenever Kloss makes the wrong face, but otherwise Project Runway is still what it always is: the fun about the fashion models – some scrappy, some really smart, and very few (usually winners) that are both of those things. No one wants the winner to be honored and lucky anymore, really; the fun of the series is just watching the process. It can run for many seasons without interruption.

But what of Heidi and Tim? What goes through them? Well, it seems like they got sick of Runway’s still DIY, stuck-on-a-soundstage amateur hour and all sold out. That is to say, they have partnered with Amazon for Order (before March 27), a new competitive design that uses a complex, incremental business to determine who’s in and who’s out – forgive me, who makes the cut and who doesn’t. The series is still about art, but the business of things – the home of the Brand – is a burden on competitors and judges alike. Making Cut is about money, honey – not something that is impossible.

The theater enthusiasts showcased its wealth, flying competitors to New York only to immediately board a flight to Paris for the event, followed by a stint in Tokyo. Each episode features a traditional drama in a different setting, each film with a movie version of The Hills or more, a chef’s table. Designers have an unmistakable nail that matches their clothing once they have seen the design (luxury and durability – designs as well as size can be the focus of this product) . Oh, and the cash prize is a whopping $ 1 million.

So there is a good chance of flaunting going on, but designers are expanding at times. Like the Engineer, Making a Cut is made for people who already have a successful career in their industry, run their own line or shop or have a strong client base. With some exceptions, their clothes look great and represent a unified look – there’s a little bit of Runway’s waistband here. A crisis can occur for some time, but usually judges judge the fine from good to good. Which can be daunting if you are looking for disaster; me, I like the ability to firm up.

The throw, although lower than Project Runway’s, follows some familiar patterns. We have a bohemian spirit that just likes to be created in black. She has one that really, really likes leather. (Stella, we miss you.) There is an incredible face that is funny. There was an old man taking a big fight. We have seen these beats before, not just in this new place. It is simple and fresh, zhuzing breasts tried and true.

Same thing for the judges. There is a doyenne magazine (a former Vogue French journalist) Carine Roitfeld, continental European past Anna Wintour); have the right kind of luxury owner (Joseph Altuzzara); sometimes Nicole Richie; And there it is Naomi Campbell, one of the greatest supermodels ever, an incredible source of inspiration from the world of high tech, where Klum has never been again in his professional style. Campbell has a reputation for doing bad things, and we see a lot of that kind of pressure on the Cut. But his admonition was also thoughtful, his taste unknown in the course of a hautest couture. Sure, it may have the necessary retrograde for clothing that fits the standard-size, but it’s generally pleasing – sitting half-hidden in a jacket, clearly speaking to those designers who are willing to confess.