Coronavirus cancels McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu

Coronavirus cancels McDonald's all-day breakfast menu

With the pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, McDonald’s needs to reduce one of the most successful actions in the last five years.

According to the fast food chain, breakfast menus have been temporarily suspended throughout the day to “simplify operations” to address the outbreak. The company has led franchisees to focus only on the most popular options, stating that “in the coming weeks, we will begin to temporarily remove some items from the menu.”

Joe Arlinger, President of McDonald’s, tweeted that the cut was temporary.

All-day breakfast response to this news: “I’ll be back again.”

— Joe Erlinger [@ErlingerJoe] March 26, 2020

McDonald’s launched an all-day breakfast menu in 2015 as customer demand increased. It expanded its offering a year later, and by 2017 the stock had reached an all-time high. Competitors were forced to focus more on their fast food breakfast items and find out when they served them.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has left people homes and destroyed restaurants nationwide. McDonald’s closed the dining area and playground of all corporate-owned restaurants 10 days ago. It encouraged franchisees to follow the suit most have. Drive-through and walk-in take-out orders are still available.

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