Coronavirus growth rates appear to be stabilizing in initial trends, according to a news release from the government and India

Health Ministry officials said there was no hard evidence of coronavirus having reached community transmissions stage in India yet.

The government on Thursday said there was no firm evidence that the coronavirus pandemic had reached the community transfer phase in India, adding that the rate of spread of the disease in the country appeared to be stabilizing.

Statements by health ministry officials at a routine news conference are the first official recognition of positive outcomes in the fight against disease, which has so far claimed 13 lives in the country and infected 649 people.

A government official quickly added that these were just initial trends.

Watch it The growth rate of Covid-19 in India appears to be stable in initial trends: Ministry of Health

“Although the number of # Covid19 cases is increasing, their rate of increase seems to be relatively stabilizing. However, this is only an initial trend, ”said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

“There is still no solid evidence to say that there has been a community coronavirus transmission in India,” he further added.

Agarwal added that 42 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the last 24 hours, with four deaths.

The government also expressed confidence in the measures taken during the lock-up to prevent further transmission and said that, if properly handled, this should result in effective containment of the infection.

“The steps taken by the government are so effective that, if strictly followed, the # coronavirus cases will be difficult to increase in the country,” said R Ganga Ketkar of the Indian Council for Medical Research.

Agarwal further added that coordinated efforts by the government and people generally to respect the principles of social distance can prevent community transfer – considered the most terrifying phase when infections are growing exponentially, overwhelming the health infrastructure of a country and seriously jeopardizing retention efforts as a source and source. resulting in a further explosion of contagion – as proven in Italy.

“The # Covid-19 community transfer phase will begin if the community and we (the government) do not act collectively and follow the guidelines. But this will never happen in India if we properly monitor social distance and treatment, ”Aggarwal added.

Officials also said the government is taking steps to ensure that the production, supply or distribution of essential goods and services is not compromised during closure for 21 days.

The central government on Thursday announced a comprehensive 1.7-aid cash package to help vulnerable sections of society affected by the cessation of economic activity following the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent 21-day national shutdown.

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