Def Jams Tweets Tip for Rihanna’s R9 Album Release

Def Jams Tweets Tip for Rihanna's R9 Album Release

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And behold, on this just Boxing Day, just before the fifth night of Hanukkah and the first night of Kwanzaa, Rihanna gave us, dedicated navy members, with … photographs. But not just any photo: A cryptic photo that potentially means something!

After more than a year of anticipation, we (maybe) seem to get to the end of 2019 by the end of 2019 until the end of 2019. does not necessarily mean anything, it definitely does not mean anything. It’s a guide. Let’s go to the plot, right?

Three seventy days ago (but who counts?), Rihanna created an Instagram post that teased the release of Matkyoiselle Plush Lipstick from Fenty Beauty. In the comments, the brave naval commander stepped to the masses and asked when RiRi’s new album fell. Badgalriri decided to react with unclear but summoning numbers “2019.”

Experts say it was 2019 for at least seven years, and although there was no album, Rihanna teased her existence for an endless year. Just recently last weekend, Rihanna went to a fan with a posthumous instagram post puppy that jumped into the air while playing House of Pain as “Jump Around”. “Update: I listen to R9 myself and refuse to release it.”

This tweet from Def Jam Recordings could be seen as another troll by a team of very wealthy and talented people we are deeply worshiped, but the proximity to Rihann’s “Jump Around” post proves one thing: Taunts grow more often. It is still possible that we will get R9 in 2019 and the seismic activity of social media around this fact suggests that this possibility is increasingly likely. There are just over five days left in the year; the album may drop every minute. But scientists demand caution because tweet is just a tweet, and as Rihanna herself sang in 2016 (also last year when she released the studio album), “nothing is promised.”

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