Defense groups say most park toilets are closed

Honolulu reopens toilet facilities while the park remains closed in response to coronavirus
  • 2017 September 2 Photo from the Department of Parks and Recrreation, CC in Honolulu
    Pūpūkea Beach Park Comfort Station reopens after renovation
    Pūpūkea – The comfort station at Pūpūkea Beach Park near the Shark Cove is now open following a renovation project that has made many improvements to the structure.

    These improvements include: demolition and reconstruction of the old wooden roof, replacing the structure’s electrical system, adding new security ports and security doors, installing windows, and repainting. An elastomeric roof layer was also applied to the improved roof, which will help protect the renovations from weathering.

    Damage from termites, wood decay, and an aging electrical system have made these improvements a priority.

    The restroom was closed to the public on February 21, 2017 to begin the project. Portable toilets and outdoor showers near the facility were available while under construction.

    Credit of $ 391,227 contract for the project was completed by MEI Corporation.

Hui Aloha, an advocacy group for the homeless, said that 54 of 60 park toilets remained closed Wednesday despite the city saying all could be reopened amid stops across Oahu facilities in order to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuesday, Mayor Kirk Caldwell called for all park toilets to be reopened, saying it posed a problem for bus drivers, FedEx drivers and others, including homeless, since many restaurants and other places and bathrooms are now is closed.

City calls to the Department of Parks and Recreation today have not yet been answered.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given municipal regulations that restrooms should be kept open, clean and filled with hygiene provisions to allow homeless people access. However, the city’s homeless czar, Marc Alexander, said restrooms would be closed and the city was looking at using hygiene trailers and portable latrines.

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