Deftones is launching an Australian tour to support the road crew

Deftones is launching an Australian tour to support the road crew

The Deftones have released a merch line originally intended for the March 2020 Australia / New Zealand tour.

All the profits from merch sales go to the road crews who would go with them to this run.

The alternative metal outfit was forced to abandon tours of Australia and New Zealand, including appearances at the Australia Boot Festival, after extreme coroner travel and large gatherings resulted in a coronavirus outbreak.

“Our tour group is important for us to go out and do what we do for all of you,” the group said on Instagram.

“We were overwhelmed that we should cancel Australia and New Zealand this month and our crew was badly injured.”

“If you have the opportunity to buy a shirt, we – and they – really appreciate the support.”

The cancellation of the Deftones tour was just one of many musicians from around the world whose performances were affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Formed in Sacramento, California, in 1998, Deftones released eight studio albums, their ninth studio album to date, and the band has worked with producer Terry Dato again, who also released the Deftones 1997 workshop album “Around the Fur” and 2000- ha the next “White Pony”.

All merchant ships are from Australia and are priced in Australian dollars and are available here. [/ embed]