‘Devs’ finally revealed what happened to Forest’s daughter

'Devs' finally revealed what happened to Forest's daughter

In the March 26 episode of FX’s Devs, we get our most comprehensive look to date on what Amaya’s developed computer software can do. Forest Deputy Katie, who previously scolded her colleagues for using their technology to pry into the private lives of others, spends the entire episode flipping through the final days of the main characters of the series. Viewers mean 45 minutes of glorious and golden flashbacks. Those from the past move the story (we see that Canton threatens Jamie, but doesn’t kill him, for example). But Katie also explores the distant past and finally reveals what happened to Forest’s daughter.

Sergei’s death may have kicked off the series, but this is not where her mother’s story begins. Years earlier, Forest established Devs to see if past events could be restored, presumably on a journey to spend more time with his daughter (and the nickname of his tech company). This week, we learned that Amaya and her mother were killed in a car accident when a forest was looking outside their home. Although he did not directly cause the accident, Forest felt tremendous guilt over their deaths, as he and his wife were on the phone when it happened. They negotiated who would go buy the milk he forgot to collect earlier that day.


The argument of determinism versus the free will that the Devs group has been running all season reveals that Forrest is less philosophical and personal. If their project succeeds – thus proving that everything is predefined – then he can finally forgive himself for the death of his family. They would have died even if he had let his wife hang up the phone. They would die even if he remembered the milk, or called five minutes earlier, or two minutes later.

This is why Forrest forcibly denies the possibility of having different versions for the future and the past. Already in the pilot episode, he blames “alternate realities” as an explanation for why Sergey’s forecasts are unstable. A forest does not need instruments to confirm determinism. He needs it to find evolution.