Dice Amusement Co-Founder Expresses Problem About Company After Change In Major Shareholder

Cube Entertainment Co-Founder Expresses Concern About Agency After Change In Major Shareholder

Dice Entertainment co-founder and chairman Hong Seung Sung has spoken up next significant improvements at the business.

In February, it was claimed that cosmetics and media commerce company VT GMP experienced acquired 30.61 percent of Dice Entertainment’s shares and develop into the most significant shareholder in the enterprise.

On March 26, outlet Kukmin Ilbo documented that Dice Entertainment’s CEO Shin Dae Nam resigned and the firm has appointed Ahn Woo Hyung and Lee Dong Kwan as co-CEOs. Ahn Woo Hyung is the CEO of KVLY, a media system provider owned by VT GMP, and Lee Dong Kwan is the vice president of VT GMP.

That evening, Hong Seung Sung posted on Twitter to share his concerns about the point out of the enterprise.

He wrote, “Everyone, I’m likely to discuss about what is at the moment taking place at Cube. Recently, the majority shareholder in Dice changed. Nevertheless, in a crucial time when we have to cooperate with every other for the sake of the company’s artists, they are producing conflict inside of the corporation by accomplishing matters that even a gang of thugs wouldn’t do. I sense genuinely devastated.”

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정말 참담한 심정입니다.

— hongseongsung (@hongcube) March 26, 2020

Cube Enjoyment is residence to artists including BTOB, Jo Kwon, CLC, PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE, Jang Hyun Seung, and extra.

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