DoubleClick Give us a new Shelter in Place Anthem

DoubleClick Give us a new Shelter in Place Anthem

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Here at The Mary Sue we are all about the neighborly, feminist and distinctive nature of things which means we have loved the Portland-based indie geek band The DoubleClick for a while. So we are extremely excited that this band, composed of siblings Laser Malena-Weber and Aubrey Turner, has released a new version of their classic “Cats and Netflix” at our shelter.

Ledger was kind enough to answer some questions from Mary Sue about the pleasant tune and the video.

Mary Sue: How did you decide to rewrite / record this song? Was it “oh it’s obviously the music of social distance” or a different process?

The truth is, this project came from fan demand. We usually don’t do what Twitter tells us to do, but once half a dozen people said “DoubleClick should be rewritten for this song for 2020,” we thought our fans were smart people, and we thought, yes, let’s do it. We are home anyway, since all our jigs have been canceled.

How did you put the video together? All these fans or friends?

We called on Twitter, through our email list and to participate in our Facebook group, and almost immediately we received 70 responses, which was enough to fill the video. We’ve done collaboration videos before (like Jam, about the mistakes I made on Friday, Wonder, and Gender), but this was the fastest coming together. People are looking for something to do! And we love taking pictures of cats we love.

How important is it for you as an artist to give people something fun and hopeful at a time like this, and is it difficult to do so?

We enjoy spending time with our community even after all the stress, negativity and very real trauma all this week, for example, we are streaming live on our YouTube channel daily as a way to spend time with our community and our friends.

I think it’s important for all of us not to feel isolated. It’s hard, though I think া get up, shower, put on a lot of happy face; Thanks our community understands to be honest.

Can you tell us a little bit about the other projects you’re working on, like Kick Starter for your musical?

We wrote our first musical which is a robot, a story about love, queer identity, anxiety, cheese, gender metaphors and all we care about. This is still our most advanced project, it is extremely weak and it is very fun. The project’s Kickstarter will run until April 8th and it’s going well, at this point we’re not only hoping to grow enough to record music, but maybe to get some choreography and costumes and get it on stage!

This year, I really wanted to create a project that came from an honest place that concerns non-binary people and who I am, all aspects of it reflect my identity, and this project truly enters it. I’m so excited about it!

Thanks for chatting with the lasers and the band and the fans for providing such a perfect authentic home to us all the time!

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