Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Nosedive Over the Job Losses

Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Nosedive Over the Job Losses


  • Wall Street rallies continue on Friday as the deal loses more than a million douse sales.
  • The forecasts are predicting more than just a market
  • The evidence of a never ending criminal will make a difference

News of the $ 2 trillion coronavirus bill to be raised from the Senate sees the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 refine their first aids to work since February not deliver. to them from the tank on Friday.

Dow Jones, stock of S&P and NASDAQ-100 took the test after first finding trading on Thursday morning. This is, after the complainant plans to sue a landlord for unemployment in the country with an indication that no work of the week will be between 900,000 and five million million. The idea is expected before the trading begins on Friday.

The Dow futures dropped 81 tokens, indicating a fall in opening over 135 points, in the Haka head. S&P 500 futures and NASDAQ-100 futures also predicted declines for both markets. No one survived the plethora of tragedy on the masses of a firm in labor. The report from the Office of Public Works will provide insurance coverage for the sole occupation ending March 21.

The world’s seven cornerstones have met weekly job requirements of one million to four million. The accusations of this magnitude have never been found in U.S. records.

Citi is the latest pessimistic platform with more than 4 million claims. Morgan Stanley sees unemployment charges as high as 3.4 million dollars. Leading U.S. terrorism expert Ellen Zentner says that more than three million inmates a week are “dangerous.”

“It’s all down to the economy,” he pointed out.

Goldman Sachs expects the total unemployment to jump to 2.15 million due to unknown projects. Bank of America predicts 3 million. According to Pantheon Economics it is predicted to lose from two to three million. UBS, the most accurate estimate, forecasts a loss of just 860,000.

These predictions are in full agreement with the current record of almost 700,000 a way back to 1982. The best month during the 2008-2009 financial year saw the unemployment costs fall at 800,000. The unemployment rate for the capital was 24.9% during the Great Depression.

US records business and number of Americans expected to file for insurance for image loss: AFP / SETH HERALD

Morgan Stanley predicts U.S. Navy. The stock fell 30.1% in the second quarter after continuing in March. It is possible that this historic event has shot up the number of fisheries from ancient waters today to an average of 12.8%, one of the highest in history since 1940, the source said. . This huge jump in homelessness is unknown for the labor market that is seeing a month-over-month growth in February and February.

“What investors need to do to gain credibility in terms of growth, shows a… look at the risks for coronavirus that need to be improved,” said Todd Jablonski , director of the general portfolio management of Senior Vice President positions at the General Investors Office.

“I think it’s key to integrate pre-war strategies with post-crisis values ​​to try to determine where the economy is.”

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