Ed Sheeran was Fat Shy on his weight loss journey

Ed Sheeran was Fat Shy on his weight loss journey

On Monday, English pop singer Ed Sheeran revealed in a podcast that he lost more than 50 pounds after mastering the internet for his body image.

The UK podcast “Behind the Medal” went into the discussion about the reasons why Sheeran looked different, with the artist attributing his journey to the enormous pressure of the public to resemble everyone else.

“I never liked the way I looked,” the musician revealed. “Every time I was big, there were always online trolls, newspapers or other reviews … it’s always like ‘fat’ or ‘fat’ or whatever,” Sheeran added.

The 28-year-old musician is not the only one to have fallen victim to this type of behavior online.

Recently, Adele’s Instagram post sparked a national media debate about body image.

Earlier this week, Kristin Chenoweth also admitted that she sees pop-sensation and close friend Ariana Grande for advice when it comes to the general public to get to her.

“The first years of my career I was at the same time as the one-way boys and Justin Bieber and all these guys that were really shaped and had six packs and I was kind of like ‘Oh, should I look like that? “Sheeran explained.

But it was more than just shrinking Sheeran’s traits in losing weight. On the tour, he became very unhealthy, eating too much and not exercising and trying to fix it with quick fix diets that left him too thin.

“That was the other end of it. I was really big and it was like, now I’m going to try to get as skinny as possible,” Sheeran said, adding that the image expectation for a celebrity is “weird.”

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Sheeran’s level of confidence was a little upset as the audience started to show things, without paying much attention to what he looked like before.

“I never really had any insecurity about myself until people showed them out,” he said. “Your mind starts thinking about them.”

However, for the English singer and songwriter, there was some good that came out of it, sharing that he believes he has found a balance in his life and even stressed that he stopped smoking three years ago.

“It’s not a given that we were ready to have six packs, it’s not normal to be torn. I do almost every day, but I eat and drink whatever I want,” Sheeran said.

He also announced that he would take a break from work and social media “until it is time to return.” He even changes his profile picture on his Instagram page to a black-and-white image of “BRB”, which means “I’m back immediately.”