Emma Watson of Little Woman sees a little “Jo March” on Taylor Swift

Emma Watson of Little Woman sees a little

Could Taylor Swift be a modern Jo March? Emma Watson’s Stars of Young Women urged artists to appreciate the property, combining Swift’s experiences with the narrative film.

Watson, who serves as one of the stars of the film adaptation of Greta Gerwig’s favorite novel, spoke to Variety during the premiere of Little Women New York, taking a moment to talk about a pivotal moment in a very important film. today.

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In the movie, which opens in theaters everywhere on Christmas Day, the frightening protagonist “Jo”, played by Saoirse Ronan, tries to get the copyright on the novel he wrote. “It’s about believing in yourself and knowing your worth and owning your worth,” Watson said, likening the situation to Taylor Swift’s recent battle with Scooter Braun for ownership of the main recordings.

According to Swift, Big Label Group has denied rights to perform some of its first music in a performance for the American Music Awards, as well as for its Netflix documentary, Miss America, released in 2020. The label was then denied claims.

The label has since denied the allegations, as Braun finally broke his six-month silence in November, facing all of Swift’s charges.

Swift explained that Big Machine said they would agree to use her early songs if she agreed to never rewrite them.

“Right now, Taylor Swift’s a good example, you know, you’re young and you’re talented and somebody wants to buy your work,” Watson told Variety, “but possession at the end of the day is super, extremely important because you don’t know what anyone will decide to do with it. “

Watson’s recognition of Swift’s copyright script is a big step for young artists to step up earlier and more vocally when it comes to their art. If a talented songwriter as powerful as Taylor Swift can handle such issues, it is important for those who follow in his footsteps to take every precaution that is at their disposal.

“I think people are devaluing property. You know when you play Monopoly and you have a decision and you want to get something or get cash fast. The way to win the monopoly, everybody, is to own things. “Watson added.

Although Meg plays the older sister of March who cares for the family when her mother is away, Harry Potter’s star has recognized the identity of Jo in all of the film’s characters.

This revelation is not too surprising, given Watson’s sincere nature and involvement with the United Nations as UN ambassador to UN Goodwill. It launched the HeForShe campaign in 2014, inviting men to participate in the ongoing debate on gender equality.

In addition to Watson and Ronan, Little Women are involved with Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timothee Chalamet and Meryl Streep.