Eric Bischoff Squashes Old story about Hulk Hogan refuses to put Legend over

Eric Bischoff Squashes Old story about Hulk Hogan refuses to put Legend over

Hulk Hogan is the subject of many stories throughout the fighting story. He has participated in many important moments, so it only makes sense. It turns out that a story that has been going on for years is simply not true.

In a recent 83-week episode, Eric Bischoff cut a long-standing reputation for fighting. Legend has it that Hulk Hogan didn’t want to go to Korea for the 1995 Collision In Korea event. The story is that he didn’t want to lose Antonio Inoki in the show. Inoki went on to fight Ric Flair, but Eric Bischoff did his best to kill a proven reputation this time around.

“No, there was no chance. And I know that many fans and people who are students of fighting history in general and Hogan in particular, want to believe this kind of storytelling because it’s been out there and it’s so widespread. But, you know, Hogan “Billy Kidman had no trouble on national television either. So I don’t think doing a job for Antonio Inoki in Pyongyang, North Korea was really the issue.”

“The subject was really a journey. And to this day. I mean, Hulk doesn’t like traveling. He never really liked traveling. He wrote it pretty much in 1994 when he left WWE, because for a variety of other reasons, but one of them was just not like being away from his kids and his home. So it was really in spite of the story and I know he’s so popular and rooted in so many minds he’ll never go away. But, you know, “working with Inoki”, and I have a hard time saying it because it sounds so juvenile. alavaino question. I am not criticizing you because you asked, because I think many people probably think, but it is simply not true. “

Hulk Hogan has put other performers before. He realizes what it takes to make money. It also tends to protect its trademark. It seems that anyone who wants to continue to believe that Hulk Hogan does not want to compete with Antonio Inoki must start to believe the opposite. [/ embed]

Thanks to Wrestle Zone for the quote