Everything you need to know about what you are about

Everything you need to know about what you are about

What about drugs? The bearded, bearded, bearded creatures appear as if they appear in pop culture when you least expect it – which is, exactly, online with the well-known spirits. One of the gnome meme’s – “You’re a jerk,” to be specific – has been a popular website for years now. Here’s what you need to know about the strange, wonderful video that illuminated the gnome meme.

The genes themselves are not new or specific to the web, of course. We can trace the biology to the basis of human history in the 16th century by the Swiss Paracelsus, which distinguished creatures in the first order; Views were spotted along the ground. After all, idols began to appear in Romantic works of fictional literature and folklore since their time.

Fast forward to this time, and gums are the most well-known genres from articles in books like C.S. Lewis’s History of Narnia, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series (in those books, the goggles are insects hidden in the wild, known to look like spicy potatoes with legs) or the Dutch Cheese and the Original Book of History. These children’s books are, in fact, helpful in enhancing one gnome’s volume as a young, jolly boy with a white beard. It is a moving image of the Disney classic White White and the Seven Dead; In this cartoon, the creatures are animated – but many of their characters will later receive books and visual clues. And then there is the famous gnome jewelry collection of the mid to late 20th century.

All this brings us to “You have a grenade.” In the case of the character, the term and the video associated with it have a distorted back cover. KnowYourMeme has been researching artifacts since 2008, as well as a website in the U.K. dedicated to the story of a cartoonist Noggin Clontith. According to this site, Noggin was actually “born” in 2005. “There are 2 other women in Long Itchington, a village in Warwickshire, England, who use a Gnome toy to raise money for a return. and the lake, and who asked the artist Angela Winstanley to bring in someone who liked, and told, “the site.” This led to the creation of the character (Noggin Clontith being a portraitist of Long Itchington ). “Winstanley herself shares this story; she lives in the UK and works as an artist.

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“The strange thing is that Noggin started out as a joke among friends,” she told TIME, as she entered her current home in Cyprus, “and the weather draws people closer to it – so from Long’s perspective. The original Itchington, songwriters, actors, musicians and musicians came in, and developed not only personality, but also voice and music. I wrote the story, developing characters and illustrations. ”She did. working primarily with colleague Steve Cartwright, who has been explaining the situation, ever since.

Itchington Island looks like a steep slope; The council’s recommendations include visiting the 15th century “Brickyard Cottages” and “Manor Farm,” and, according to the site, is the 11th St. Wulfstan, Worcester bishop in his day. It also has seven pallets, as the site proudly notes, and “the largest pond in Warwickshire.” Probably, this is exactly the same pond that Itchington women are looking for. But despite Noggin’s well-known behavior, Winstanley said the project had “gone awry” from their side.

Until 2008, the website was created and space was created. Another part of that space: Noggin Clontith’s wallpaper, which is illuminated, strange, strangely strange. “I’m not human, I’m not, I’m not, and you’re not drunk!” She was in a trance as Noggin burst into tears and crossed the front of the screen, tying in a small cap and blue vest. She described Winstanley to Cyprus “about 9 years ago or so,” she said, “before the time” the site and video were posted online.

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The film took on a life of its own after it was posted to YouTube in 2010. This source has collected more than 10.6 million views in a decade. Winstanley said that “Noggin was allowed to hibernate without anyone taking notice very seriously,” but later also made his way to Reddit in 2015, on a dedicated YouTube account. “Noggin has been used extensively on YouTube to scare users and has been featured on some major streaming channels,” the site said. Mostly, people will mail each other via video – Noggin’s attack and surprise, as it were.

By 2018, the group has reclaimed the video by launching a new YouTube channel. (She lost her original account password and was unable to retrieve it.) For Winstanley, all of this was a surprise. “Honestly I am 66 years old, and not a great social media manager!” she noticed; it was not until she received the “unwanted message” 18 months ago about Noggin that she discovered the status of her own son. “I lost my temper,” she added, “I don’t even know what that meant.

(insert) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n3pFFPSlW4 (/ insert)

But see what it all implies? Most commentators on Reddit videos and pundits see “You Are Pretty” as one of those misguided, misguided internet attacks – a type of end-to-end email or mail that is hidden from friends. you – but it shows beauty at all. It is highly processed or “deep fried” in the web; he was made of idol forms; it is used as a source of jokes. Ultimately, it does not use anything as an indicator. This one of the viewers said the same about Reddit. “I want to forget this,” another said. “It felt like my life was being stolen,” said a third.

Noggin may be an area of ​​lore – as is the vision – but it has yet to make a significant impact on Long Itchington’s waterfront renewal project. However, in January of 2019, local news reports that the developer has donated $ 5,000, which will be used to help restore the lake in its “former glory.” According to a town councilor quoted in the article, the bathroom had been refinished almost 20 years before, almost five years before Noggin Clontith was first exposed. So while it may eventually not make much of a difference in the silt footprint of Long Itchington, at least it has a web presence in its name.

And there is more to come: Winstanley has an international trademark right for Noggin and “You Are Not Taken,” with books and merchandise in the works to keep the story of “jolly” coming next year. . “Steve and I created the Noggin story online, based on Noggin’s framework as a source – which reflects the experiences of Noggin,” Winstanley said. She reiterated, “We will continue to support Long Itchington Lake,” she told TIME, “and for other reasons.”

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