Forest Fen Treasure: Man Dies In Search of Famous Hidden Treasure In Rocky Mountains

Forest Fen Treasure: Man Dies In Search of Famous Hidden Treasure In Rocky Mountains

Two snowmobile riders in Colorado were stuck and died in a park in Utah, searching for elusive treasures. CBS Denver reported that the pair had left the Denver area on March 17 to search for Forrest Fen treasure.

A quirky New Mexico antique dealer has said that it has hidden a prize that has been rumored to be worth about $ 2 million somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

CBS Denver reported that four Colorados have died in the search since 2016. In 2017, northern New Mexico police recovered the body of a Colorado minister and disappeared while searching for buried treasures.

The 58-year-old snowmobile died on Saturday before a man was near the Dinosaur National Monument along the Utah-Colorado border. His 65-year-old companion was rescued.

Thousands of people have searched for treasure since Fen provided clues in Fen’s self-published memoir, The Thrill of the Chase.

Fen, 89, said hunting wanted to push more people out and enjoy the wilderness.

“What happened was tragic,” he said on Tuesday in an email about a Colorado man.

Authorities have not named the two snowmobiles in Deer Trail, Colorado and Thornton. Authorities said they arrived at the Dinosaur National Monument Park, rented a snowmobile, and headed to the wilderness Wednesday.

East view overlooking the Green River where the explorer found two treasure hunters. One of the men has died.

Moffat County

There was a copy of Fen’s book in the car.

They carried a candy bar and some water, but at some point there was not enough snow on the ground and pushed forward on foot.

“ During a day trip, I didn’t dress properly, and even if something happened and I couldn’t get out of there, ” said Major Chip McIntyre of Moffat County Sheriff’s Office. “

On foot, a searcher found an older man on Saturday. He was removed by helicopter and hospitalized, but his companion was dead when the rescuers arrived.

Authorities said on February 29 that they had been found within five miles of a site previously rescued by paramedics.

In 2015, at CBS’s “Sunday Morning”, Fenn read a poem stating that it holds a clue to the location of the box containing treasures [gold coins, precious metals, and other artifacts] perfect for pirates . The exact amount is unknown.

Fen told Barry Petersen that he wanted his treasure to inspire the spirit of adventure for those who sought it. “I intentionally made it harder to find,” he said. “If it was easy, anyone could do it.”

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