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France, secularism and hijab paranoia


The debate around Muslim women of all ages donning the veil has been reignited in France after a mom was verbally abused very last month by a considerably-ideal politician for the duration of her son’s faculty trip to a regional assembly. The politician demanded the girl remove her headscarf or leave.

Carrying the veil – known as the hijab – is banned in French universities and authorities places of work.

Politicians are now examining a proposed law that would ban mom and dad from putting on religious symbols on university trips.

The legislation has minor probability of passing, but it has put the problem of French secularism, embodied in the principle of “laicite”, firmly back again in the spotlight.

Critics see a stressing trend where laicite could enter a lot more areas of French modern society.

“We are witnessing a transformation of ‘laicite’ into a lawful monster that it was not aimed to be when the legislation was implemented,” claimed human legal rights researcher Rim-Sarah Alouane, who focuses on spiritual flexibility and civil liberties.

“We have religious freedom at stake, but also consistent harassment and focusing on of a component of our population,” she additional.

Benjamin Haddad, a director at the Atlantic Council, suggests the legislation does goal Muslims and agrees it must not be prolonged, but he suggests it need to be suitable to have a political discussion about what some see as difficulties with integration.

“You have a lot of secular Muslim ladies who say that they come to feel pressured, they really feel threatened … you also have spiritual leaders heading to mayors inquiring to have separate hrs in general public swimming pools amongst males and girls. You may have a whole lot of younger ladies who really don’t want to sit in biology courses in faculty simply because they really feel pressure from their dad and mom or from their brothers,” Haddad explained.

“That will make it pretty challenging for younger gals and other teams these types of as LGBTs to convey on their own,” he additional.

In this week’s Arena, we go over secularism in France and its result on religious freedom.

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Resource:  Al Jazeera Information


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