GameClub allows up to 12 family members to play a classic iOS title with a $ 4.99 subscription

GameClub allows up to 12 family members to play a classic iOS title with a $ 4.99 subscription

Subscription-based iOS game service GameClub today announced new changes to home-stolen families, adding to the number of single-subscription family members.

Up to 12 players can use GameClub Family Sharing to play GameClub games with a single $ 4.99 monthly subscription. For those unfamiliar with GameClub, it revives older, long-forgotten iOS addresses so you can play your favorite classics.

GameClub has over 100 addresses available, none of which contain ads or in-app purchases. Many new titles are available this spring:

  • Aralon: Sword and shadow – An epic Skyrim-esque RPG game featuring multiple playable races and classes, an extensive crafting system and lots of quests.
  • Neon shadow – Action-packed first person shooter in the spirit of PC classics, depicting a new generation of mobile gamers.
  • Star Wars – The final recording of the war trilogy will take place in a distant science fiction future, with the advancement of classic strategy gameplay with even more opportunities.
  • Bardbarian – Engage your companions and fight enemy hordes in this fun shooter, castle defense and role-playing game with great sense of humor.
  • The big trip – This family-friendly platformer offers lots of adorable cats and lots of unique worlds, while challenging players of any level.
  • Bridgy Jones – This fantastic physics-based bridge puzzler with visual sensitivity can build risky structures that (hopefully) survive a railroad crossing.
  • Circa Infinity – Go through extremely difficult levels to see how deep you can land in this turn in this highly stylized 2D game with the feel of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Replace this one! – Nintendo Switch’s hit, this matching game twist, allows you to swap cubes to create monumental chain reactions.
  • Sure, Tori One of the best puzzle platformers of all time, this discerning fan favorite is the reborn mobile phone with high-resolution graphics from the Nintendo Switch version.

There are tons of more games available from GameClub, ranging from puzzles to strategy games, RPGs and more, and more on the GameClub website. New games are added to GameClub every week.

To share a GameClub subscription with family members, GameClub users must sign in with the new device’s email address, enter the 4-digit verification code sent to the email address, and enter the code on the device to confirm. This is a simple process that runs outside of Apple’s standard Family Sharing service.

GameClub offers a one-month free trial, followed by a $ 4.99 / month service.

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