Global network of home creators seeks ways to help healthcare workers during coronavirus pandemics

Global network of home creators seeks ways to help healthcare workers during coronavirus pandemics

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We are all manufacturers now.

Health, safety, and evacuation in a very lucky place have triggered the start of manufacturing. Content, comedy, music, crafts, robots, furniture, and everything else. Probably the pleasing white noise that spins the kitchen aid blade, but it seems to make a terrible amount of sourdough bread. Whatever your motivation, it’s great to see.

However, much of the work seems to be designed to address the coronavirus pandemic itself.

Consider 6 Feet Covers, a side project by creative director Beto Fernandez and Paco Conde, the founders of Los Angeles-based agency Activista.

The pair was surprised after observing a group of people flocking to parks and beaches, despite the city’s “safer home at home” order. Their creative solution was to reproduce 16 iconic album covers. Among them are Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, Wild Planet by B-52s, and N.W.A. The Straight Outta Compton by has arranged a new human subject to reflect the need to respect new social distance requirements. Interesting and influential. “Since the social feed is suddenly filled with sad and terrifying news, we thought we should do something more easy and fun while maintaining the importance of the message,” Fernandez tells the Fast Company.

The B-52 and Fleetwod Mac album covers have been redesigned to show social distance practices. Courtesy of PacoConde and Beto Fernandez

Others use the skills of manufacturers to help healthcare workers and hospital workers who are overwhelmed by coronavirus patients and lack the necessary protective equipment to stay disease free. Doctors and nurses are in great danger, and now there is nothing.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can take part in a worldwide effort to create a very good version of a respirator and a plastic face shield. And many do!

In response to the ambitious social media-driven #MillionMaskChallenge, engineering teachers and students at Charlotte Latin School, a kindergarten to high school kindergarten in Charlotte, NC, created their own design face shield at the Fab Lab Academy .

Currently they are raising funds and preparing equipment.

Similar DIY activities are underway in Billings, Montana. Tennessee. East Lansing, Michigan, Greeley, Colorado.

See what this 13-year-old kid from Virginia has accomplished with his parents’ 3D printers and the instructions he found on the web.

Also, if you look narrow and look sideways, the scuba mask also functions as a ventilation device.

Aid is also coming in the form of lower technology, as the sewer army has merged with war-worthy efforts to make cloth face masks.

“Sewing companies, we’ve always strengthened and done this,” Dennis Boss, head of the Inland Empire chapter of the American Sewing Guild, told the New York Times. “We were made for this time. We are happy to be home and sewn, and we all have a stash of fabric.” Guild members in Southern California There are about 130 people ordering hundreds of masks from Riverside University Health System Medical Center.

Professional manufacturers also play their part, challenging and cooperating with each other in interesting ways.

Jessica Helfand, the founding editor of Design Observer [and co-host of The Design of Business | Business of Design podcast], noted in a new [and must-read] column that the professional design community is also working urgently. You. Business at hand:

“ Today, around 175,000 ventilators in all hospitals in the U.S. are expected to be far less than what is needed to cope with the surge of out of breath patients in the coming weeks … while a new design Alternative competition: The challenge of CoVent-19 [“innovating for ventilation”] aims to create a rapidly deployable ventilation solution for patients One of the initiatives. One of Code Life’s challenges is Canada’s excellence. MIT engineers are developing a manual ventilator powered by an Arduino-controlled motor, and the UK is currently producing a remarkable 10-day-designed Sir James Dyson ventilator. “

This is not just a stimulus, it is essential.

Ed Yon warns that in this sober piece of the Atlantic, there are four steps that need to be taken immediately if it could mitigate the coronavirus onslaught in the United States. Masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment, “he wrote. “If healthcare professionals can’t stay healthy, the rest of the response will collapse.”

Thank you for the manufacturer and service. I look forward to a future national holiday dedicated to everyone who has helped me laugh, bake, think, stitch, print and return to health. I bring a homemade sourdough roll to a picnic. They look delicious as newly built home bakers have posted a special recipe for their grandmother.

Ellen McGart

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