Goldberg directs old rumor of ‘bloating’ upon entry

Goldberg directs old rumor of 'bloating' upon entry

Goldberg has a lot going through his mind when he comes in. He’s pumped, usually breaks his head against something cruel, and generally blows smoke out of his nose. Many fans also believe that he is wearing himself in the process.

On the way to the ring for WrestleMania 33, some fans believed that the long walk to the square would cut Goldberg out. As he revealed in Broken Skull encounters, he never “blew up” on the way to the ring.

It was an act for Goldberg. It is cool and moist so as not to burn at its entrance. Don’t forget the blow on his head as it blows up either.

“When I got into Gorilla – obviously we’re talking a lot about Gorilla, there aren’t too many kayaks – that Orlando ride was a mile and a half away. Everybody’s like, ‘Will Goldberg get the gas out of himself?’ excited that people don’t understand. They say I’m all tired and sweaty before I get to the ring – hey guys I pour water on my body so I don’t catch my sparks! ”

Goldberg does not currently have an upcoming match on the calendar, but could always appear for another away match sooner than later. His last attempt against Dolph Ziggler was a great redemption for him. So chances are that Goldberg hasn’t made his last long ride in the ring yet.

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