Goldberg Eric Bischoff teases him about taking risks in the ring

Goldberg Eric Bischoff teases him about taking risks in the ring

Goldberg was packed to be a monster in the WCW. His push to the top was not designed and happened in an organic way. Eric Bischoff had an idea for Goldberg, but didn’t include him going off the top rope.

During the Broken Skull sessions, Goldberg talked about a story that still remains in his mind. He learned a lot when he started his career. One important lesson is that he should never go to the top rope even if he respects his opponent.

“I do a fight against the Barbarians, it’s my second fight. I get a belly to belly from the top tire, right?”

“I go back and Eric Bischoff runs to me and goes ‘you never do it again’ – ‘what did I do?’ – ‘you never go back there.’ So I started learning a little about a lot of things slowly, but the bitter people didn’t have to tell me some things, but I understood. “

“Hogan – less is more. Sarg – when you think about going slowly, you slow down. I’m a basic person, I’m true.”

When you think of Goldberg’s legendary square circle career, it’s really hard to pick at any time, when he took the unnecessary risks. He learned this early and apparently, he only needed to be punished to learn it once.

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