Hannah Ferrier tells Quarantine to try to make her son happy (and she won’t have any fun)

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier works from the bottom of the Mediterranean Deck to light up the comfort at home but she tries to get on her husband’s head.

Hannah Ferrier | Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal and Getty Images

Ferrier added, “My son does not have an Instagram and he works from home because I read him the meme’s but he takes them real and really brings the fun to the insta for me. ” Most dragons go away, speaking of their importance in the same way. Below is deckhand Abbi Murphy. “My husband is my way. I’m going to die laughing at something & showing him & he’s like” I’m not going to find him dead meme. “

However, the murderer said, “Wait a minute, boy. Told us again. Ferrier revealed on Instagram that he is celebrating a one-year anniversary with his son, adding that he has returned to Australia.

He celebrated a year with a special person

Ferrier posted on Instagram that he and his son shared a year later in October. “1 year pulling a guy like … crazy,” he wrote with the caption. She posted some video games and pictures but did not name or post a photo of her son. She made a low-key comparison where she showed off her son’s fragrance. He was also included in a good video. “My taste is in his taste.

He posted a fun video where he decided to “try” to become an Instagram influencer. She was eating a soft plate with a glass in her hand. In the background, the voice of a male press makes him laugh. It’s more than telling her to “change” the laughing stock. “I want to be an Instagram influencer and my friend f *** s with me.”

Ferrier provides fans with how he spends time on a treaty

Ferrier announced while holding his own in Australia. He expects most people to break up and go after the competition. “I expect a lot of relationships to end in the next 2 weeks.” Add, “Hahaha. I hear you !! I was telling my friend last week that we should try to spend at the same time day 2 and I’m ready to hold him and rebuke him.” to him. “

He will probably miss the wedding and the City. “Thinking during the filming: ‘What kind of city and city is Carrie talking about in the camel behind the 1st chaplain’?” “I really want to buy corona tape but I do not believe in human knowledge.”, ” He said. “Yes,” he wrote in response to a press. “I’m just worried that it may go away forever with people drinking in the future in fear of catching the corona …”

Ferrier was also taken aboard the Ikiki Sailing Yacht. He also spoke about Long Island prices. “My favorite part of #belowdecksailing right now is when the douchebags go 6 for the glass.” Or take better care of his dog. “I realized during his game that my dog ​​was better than he was.”