Hawaiian Airlines stops long-haul service, reducing flights to Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines stops long-haul service, reducing flights to Hawaii

As the state’s main economic driver is moving rapidly toward hibernation coverage, Hawaiian Airlines announced today that it will suspend most of its long-haul passenger service and reduce its schedule of flights to the neighboring islands.

The airlines said it would maintain its regular flight schedule until March 25 to allow visitors enough time to return home and accommodate the airline’s return.

The decision comes on the heels of ordering 14-day quarantine for all new arrivals to Hawaii, which is scheduled to begin on March 26.

“We support the state of Hawaii’s efforts to quickly alleviate this disease,” said Hawaiian Airlines president and CEO Peter Ingram, in a statement released today. “We began notifying our guests and helping them return home – both to Hawaii and to Hawaii. We sincerely appreciate our guests’ patience and understanding during this difficult period for Hawaiians and the state of Hawaii.”

The airline will stop its Ohana by Hawaiian service between Honolulu and Kapalua, effective on Wednesday, as part of a larger reduction schedule interaction.

The airline continues to provide one non-stop daily flight between Honolulu and Los Angeles and its Thursday flight between Honolulu and American Samoa, which it said will provide “a base of out-of-state access.” It is evaluating its transpacific cargo routes and may provide passenger access on additional flights for those who wish to under the authorized auto quarantine.

According to the airlines, interisland freight service will continue uninterrupted using Boeing 717 aircraft and an Ohana fleet by Hawaiian turbopropolis.

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