Holderberg ‘had no idea what to look for’ won WCW world title

Holderberg 'had no idea what to look for' won WCW world title

Goldberg won the WCW World Title at the Georgia Dome for the WCW Nitro in front of 40,000 people. They could have brought more space if WCW had given them more notice.

While talking about Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg told Steve Austin he had no idea he would face Hollywood Hogan on Monday. He found out when everyone else did this last Thursday to the Thunder.

“There was no plan. I remember it was a Thursday night and I’m sitting at home looking at Thunder and JJ Dillon coming out and going, ‘we’ve got broken Monday Live Georgia Dome Goldberg vs Hollywood Hogan’ – What? Who?”

“I had no horrible idea. I found out that everyone else found out. I was just a piece of the puzzle, and I figured in flight when to plug anything in and I did exactly what I was told.”

This situation is a great example of how things worked in WCW. They could have built towards Hogan vs. Goldberg for a huge pay-per-view money, but instead, gave it a rating in a very short time. Hogan may not have been 100% happy with the loss of the title, but Goldberg did exactly what he was told.

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