Homoghobic envelopes spread coronavirus defects

Bryan Fischer spreading coronavirus misinformation

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer has been spreading the coronavirus rumors. (True)

The LGBT + hate group has been short on spreading the propaganda about immigrants spreading harmful coronavirus propaganda.

Bryan Fischer is a broadcaster for Focal Point, the American Family Association (AFA) American Family Radio (AFA), an anti-gay movement dedicated to “defeating the goal of homosexuality”.

The radio, singled out by a “risk taker” by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of its “long history of bullying”, falsely claimed on March 23 in a statement that people who show no signs of coronavirus are “not contagious”.

He added: “Now people who are asymptomatic – you may have heard it, body-shading, people without Symptoms – are not contagious.

“If people are asymptomatic, have no cough, have no respiratory problems, have no fever, they will not become infected. That is why they should not be tested.”

The CDC’s review addresses Fischer’s coronavirus defects. It says: “It spread about before men could show it; There have been reports that this has happened with the new coronavirus, but that is not the best way that the virus is spread. ”

The simultaneous radio station, which has condemned homosexuals for genocide, has also advocated “coronavirus” cures, and “vaccines” and “shells”.

The idea that a synthetic chloroquine can be used to treat coronavirus was published by Fox News, and this week has been confirmed by Donald Trump, but no tests have been completed to support the claim.

This month, Fischer partnered with major coronavirus organizations to create an anti-LGBT + slogan, saying the potential problem with the plague would be that children would be “not taught” by the closed wolves.

He added that COVID-19 could create “exciting, exciting opportunities for families who were already there”.