How Floridians could benefit from a new California privacy law

How Floridians could benefit from a new California privacy law

TAMPA, Florida (WFLA) – At a time when almost everything we do is recorded or tracked, there seems to be no way to keep our personal information secret. But a new law in California could give everyone here in Florida more control over what they share and who they share it with.

From wherever you like to shop to where you live, companies have been turning your personal information into huge profits for years. But earlier this year, the California Consumer Privacy Act gives California residents – and maybe millions of others – new data protection rights.

“This law is definitely the first comprehensive data protection law that we have in this country. It’s the first law that requires big companies that make money from your data to regain control of that data, ”Justin Brookman told Consumer Reports.

The law is likely to cause ripples in the United States.

“First, we are already seeing other states are considering adopting similar laws. Nevada, for example, has already passed a data protection law. I also think that many companies will comply with this law everywhere instead of figuring out where people should decide which law to comply with “Says Brookman.

California residents will see the following changes:

  • Companies offer consumers the option of having their data deleted.
  • Businesses must now also provide information about the types of third parties to whom they sell data.

Probably the most significant change is an “opt-out” link – a button at the bottom of a website that says, “Don’t sell my personal information.”

What can you do here in Tampa Bay now? Use an ad blocker to prevent companies from tracking you.

If you would like to see similar privacy laws here in Florida, you can contact your state representatives to let them know that you want to see a change.