How Humaira Could Cope with Coronavirus Problems

How Humaira Could Cope with Coronavirus Problems

(BOSTON) – Neil Diamond has put together a lively rendition of “Good Caroline” with songs that are familiar with tweaks to say, “Hands … washing hands.” A stranger asks when social isolation will end because “my husband continues to try to get into the house.” And a sign outside the neighboring church read: “I do not intend to give much to Lent.”

Are we allowed to suppress yet? We will not do well, psychologists and psychologists say. They laugh they may be the best medicine, they argue, as long as it is within the limits of good taste. And in a crisis, it can be an efficient solution.

It’s more than just medicine. It’s life, ”said Erica Rhodes, a Los Angeles-based artist.

Rhodes said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press. “Laughter is a symbol of hope, and has become one of our greatest needs, even to toilet paper. It is a physical need that people have. You cannot imagine how it heals people and gives them hope. ”

For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clears in two to three weeks. For some, especially the elderly and people with mental health problems, it can cause severe illness, pneumonia, and death.

These are scary words and terrible hope. But history has shown that when it comes to the strongest of times it is leavened by using humor and laughter as a mental option – ways to follow if other things are not working as expected.

“There is so much fear and panic out there. Everything else in the world doesn’t wash your head,” said Loretta LaRoche, a Boston-based stress management counselor who uses anxiety to help people alleviate anxiety.

“Some people will say that this is no laughing matter. The truth is, there is always a time to laugh, ”LaRoche said. “We have 60,000 thoughts a day and most of them are very depressed. Laughter helps the brain relax.”

This is why social media messages are spread with coronavirus memes, cartoons and cartoons.

Here’s a video clip of himself titled “Good Caroline” with the words changed: “Hands … wash hands … don’t touch me … I’ve never touched you.”

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There’s Fox News host Julie Banderas tweeting: “How long is this social distraction expected? My boss continues to try to get home.”

For the Austin El Arroyo restaurant, which is still economically viable from the explosion caused by Southwest music, it turns the outdoor message boards into a mock dramedy. know: “A male w / TP is looking for one woman w / hand sanitizer for good hygiene. ”

Here, also, for author Curtis Sittenfeld, she is sharing a photo of herself eating lunch in her wedding dress after her kids ask her to put it “and I can’t think of any reason.”

For centuries, laughter in the ordeal has been controversial, according to Wayne Maxwell, a psychologist who has made extensive research on “the role of humor.” The word originated in Britain, where people were hanged in parks near the bar and activists laughed at the cost of the victims.

“Even in other ancient Egyptian writings, there are comparisons of military officers returning from the first line and using humor to endure,” said Maxwell, of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

But, he warns, there is another form of humor: While humor can help ease things, laughter and laughter can often mean that a person is trying to escape reality.

There are also taste questions. No one wants to joke about the tragedy of illness or death. Competing and socializing, though, is a good game, and self-esteem is almost always safe – even though LaRoche warns that humor, like beauty, is always in front of the viewer.

“It all depends on how your brain works,” she said. “Give yourself permission. It’s almost like a worship service, finding ways to laugh at yourself. ”

For those millions of parents struggling to work from home and educating their children at home, she works for the choir. Witness this common story: a picture of an old, white-haired woman with the caption: “Here is Sue. For 31 years, she’s been studying for the past 5 days. Great work Sue. Keep it up.”

Michael Knight, a 29-year-old poet and prosecutor for people with mental illness, has been alleviating the violence by placing members as follows: “They say the masks and gloves have arrived at the store. . They lied. Everyone else has their own clothes. ”

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“It helps me in decay,” says Knight, of Plymouth, Massachusetts. “It kind of hurts the bogeyman which is a skin disease.”

Rhodes, who is worth more than $ 30,000 after three special anniversaries, is trying to ease her stress.

She recently posted a video of herself posing as if she was working at a meeting she did not find outside during a trip. “How is nobody doing?” her cracks.

“The best stuff comes from where it’s real and a little dark,” Rhodes said.

Its prediction: When life gets lost in the culture, “Saturday Night Live” and new Netflix shows will improve through comedy.

“A couple of months ago, who could have been given credit for a piece of paper?” she said. “I mean, the whole world is a trap.”

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