How many houses did Kenny Rogers have?

How many houses did Kenny Rogers have?

When it came to turning houses, Kenny Rogers didn’t start small. In typical bold fashion that fans saw when performing onstage, the singer made his first sale in 1984 with a Beverly Hills mansion that sold for a whopping $ 20 million – which was “a record price” even for high-end site at the time, according to

Rogers then went to open mansions on the opposite shore of Georgia. He bought a 27,000-square-foot Atlanta home from the bank for $ 2.75 million in 2002 and sold it four years later for $ 8.5 million. A few years later in 2009, he raised another mansion for $ 2.8 million, which sold for $ 3.725 million in 2011. It turns out that not only Rogers had the business mind, but he also had a vision. The singer-songwriter-economist set up a nearly 1,000-acre farm in Athens, Georgia, which later sold for $ 10.5 million.

Rogers ‘heirs’ talents left no stone unturned, including his own crib. He has spent about $ 3 million to redesign and decorate his own 7,000-square-foot home in Atlanta, which probably came in handy as his two young sons “needed enough space” to play, according to TopTenReal. .

In his final years, Rogers prioritized family time, telling in 2016, “I know, like anybody else, that your time is getting away from you and I don’t want to waste it … I want to have it. simple. “