How the NJPW discovered OC left for WWE

How the NJPW discovered OC left for WWE

The New Japan Pro wrestles their stories books years in advance. At least, that’s the goal. Also, they never know when a piece of top stars can leave.

Mats Jackson told a story during a recent episode of The Elite Hotel’s catering service in hotels. It was around when AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows all came out of New Japan Pro Wrestling and saw the quick thinking that coach Gedo had to do.

“Carl calls Ghento and says we need to talk. You could say Carl is going to cry already and he goes, ‘I know I’ve been here for eight years. I have to go to WWE. I’m leaving, oh, and it’s coming. with me ”and points to Gallows.

“They go over twenty minutes talking about why they do what they feel is blinding and walking – they shake hands and hug and Carl goes ‘Oh my god’ [because AJ Styles just walked into the room],” AJ leaves too “”

“Gedo goes, ‘What ?! “because AJ is their guy. He’s the champion. It was chaos. So I see Gedo and the Tiger losing their minds. It’s like what are we going to do? Gad shakes hands and says, ‘Kenny come here.’ “

Kenny Omega said that Gedo said, “Remember that the fight with Kushida? Maybe not fast, maybe. Maybe next day we’ll do something.” Omega then said he thought, “Well, we’re doing something I’m waiting for. to your mother! “

It’s wild how things come together. The OC left NJPW just as it opened the door to Kenny Omega’s big push. Now that AEW is something and Omega is no longer fighting for NJPW, it has offered opportunities to others as the company continues. [/ embed]

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