How the profits on the street shaped WWE NXT

How the profits on the street shaped WWE NXT

Street wins are Breakthrough Superstars of the year, but they haven’t always been a team.

During After The Bell, Montez Ford walked Corey Graves through what it took to make a profit on the road. Both Ford and Angelo Dawkins worked at NXT. Then it was decided to put them together that would change their career for the better.

“I mean, we’re boys from the beginning,” Ford said. “When we got to PC – my second test, where they hired me – they later put me through action lessons, which Angelo Dawkins was in that category. So I came over the floor with I think there were six of us thinking about recruiting and I remember that day I thought promos would be in the evening; I usually show up in a suit everywhere. I had worn my ring in what was a promo class for a while and I was upset because I didn’t have a suit and eventually we went to acting class and had gym shorts and gym clothes and some Moccasins. So, I remember sitting there and going like, “Hey Dawkins, which is perfect for both of you, wears Moccasins as well.” And Dawkins was like, “Yeah, I see that.”

“I remember from that point, after I got signed, they hit it off the jump and maybe a year and a half, Angelo Dawkins had a fight against No Way Jose and I had a fight against Steve Cutler. I remember right after the producers came they told us they wanted to put us together and we were like, oh, okay, this is easy, I know this dude. I was lucky to get in touch with someone you really know. “

We’ll have to see what comes next for street profits. Their charisma and appeal have certainly been realized since their main roster arrived. They also appear to show no signs of slowing down.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote