I am suddenly unsure about the fate of Yelena in Black Widow

I am suddenly unsure about the fate of Yelena in Black Widow

Yelena Belova is a black widow from Natasha Romanoff’s past, and now, in a new look at Marvel’s Black Widow film that is finally coming out this May, it is clear that Yelena is more important to the Natasha we’ve seen in some Avengers before could be films that take place later. Played by the incredible (and now Oscar-nominated) Florence Pugh, Yelena at least replaces Natasha in the comics … well, literally. They change faces at one point.

But that’s not the point I’m aiming for. The most interesting thing about the film’s new trailer for me is that it looks like Yelena Belova is about to jump off an edge. Here, give him a watch:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1eykFE1fSA (/ embed)

However, ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis pointed out that instead of using Yelena as a substitute for Natasha in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actions of Yelena in both Avengers: Infinity could be a driver of war and endgame ,

What should we do if Yelena falls from something and sacrifices herself to save Natasha and the family … and that causes Natasha to close the circle of Vormir?

Don’t we just want to talk about it? #BlackWidow pic.twitter.com/Cnyljn8Mjj

– The Brandalorian (@BrandonDavisBD) January 14, 2020

If one relies solely on Davis’ speculative tweet, there could be a connection between Natasha’s changed appearance and her determination to do anything to defeat Thanos. Even if this were the case, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the way Yelena dies. Perhaps after the Infinity War, Natasha discovers that Yelena is one of the snapped people, and if she’s on Vormir, it’s not just about her Avengers family, but also about her sister.

To be honest, I think the vest and blonde hair that Natasha wears in Infinity War could be an ode to the comic book run in which Natasha and Yelena essentially did John Travolta / Nic’s Face / Off Play cage. Still, it’s important to note that her change in hair color and mood looks a lot like an ode to her sister.

So … could Yelena die in Black Widow? I don’t really think so, especially since they’ll need a new Black Widow-like character in the future, now that Natasha is dead. But I could see Natasha taking on Yelena’s look to contract with Captain America and Sam in homage to this comic run.

I hope Yelena will end up in future movies with the rest of the remaining Avengers. Imagine she is interacting with Thor? It would be incredible. But we have to see if she even survives her first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be able to plan what it would be like if Yelena Belova had to talk to Peter Parker. (I can imagine that he would ask about a million questions about the Red Room until someone finally asked him to quit or Yelena knocked him out.)

It will be interesting to see how Natasha Romanoff not only interacts with Yelena but also with the rest of her old “family”, and it makes me sad that Widow only (maybe) gets this one film.

(Image: Marvel Entertainment)

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