I packed up my clothes for my last vacation with the Concierge runway rental

I packed up my clothes for my last vacation with the Concierge runway rental

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Just as you prepare your own salad and as the first one for a birthday dinner, packing for the holiday is a unique privileged move. Yes, it means a big leak, bikini and – wahoo! – Answer outside the office. But the ripples, the folding, the emotional weight of too many Chloé shoes … it’s pain in the ass. Then there is the climate issue: New York City freezes; Miami (instead of the holiday) is hot popsicles. How many sun robes need to be torn from their winter storage trays? How many straw hats must be unpacked from under the bed? Add more Instagram pressure – as Véronique Hylanda puts it, “recreational clothing is now synonymous with fashion statement” – and anxiety is growing.

Enter Rent the Runway, which is already known as a quick fix for moments that cannot be worn. They created a new partnership with W Hotels to keep their packaging. The RTR Closet Concierge service, called RTR Closet Concierge, costs four (plus the size of the free deposit) $ 69 directly to the hotel room. Available in locations like Aspen, Hollywood and Washington DC, the new initiative includes major labels such as Gucci, Moschino and Stella McCartney, and iconic favorites like Khaite, Brock Collection and Nanushka.

The participating brands are great, but the program gives me a break. This is because, like many women, I have a “uniquely shaped” body – busty but tiny, with a short waist but with long limbs, the IRL Betty Boop, whose size often depends on a single seam. Wouldn’t I really pack any clothes in the hope that a new vacant track rental trick works? I mean … sure. After all, I went to Miami and Hotel W in South Beach is about ten minutes from their biggest H&M. The hotel is also famous for its huge statues of Tom Sachs from Hello Kitty and My Melody. Maybe the two goddesses Sanrio would be lucky.


The closet in my hotel room is already in stock with my Rent the Runway pieces, including the Saloni dress I wanted to try. I got it in two sizes because, although I admire the fresh prints and brave designs of a designer, I never wore her things. The larger size fits a bit comfortably … but My Melody approves, and apparently also DJ Mia Moretti, who will stop me by the pool to ask about clothes. “Is it renting a track …?” Coughing and she nodded, as if I just said “It’s from the Bergdorf,” and sips the mezcal. OK Alright.


Wearing dress from New York by the sea in front of Anisha Kapoora’s series “Flow Blue”

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“Do the curtains match the carpet?” is a rough question. “Do dresses match art?” is something great and I have to say “YES!” thanks to Sea New York. A design duo based in midtown Manhattan has created a piece with March Sister sleeves and a tie print. Unlike Saloni’s close fit, Sea’s dresses seem big, so RTR’s little-discussed size backup policy is a serious help. I grabbed a smaller size out of my bag and made a quick change. The whole thing takes five seconds.


T-Shirt from HVN by Harley Viera-Newton

Rent a track

I was dying to try the sweet-set pieces of HVN, but as a 34DD, I always suspected I might not come across my chest. This theory proves that their mixed-print cowboy shirt can’t quite … uh … capture my enthusiasm on a small scale. There is no deposit size and it’s too telling for my beachfront breakfast with a colleague. Instead, I wear it to tear a photo that I show you, because it’s for one man only. But the shirt is, I must say, a victory for everyone involved. Here is the Rent the Runway website, in larger SFW capacity.


Rixo London is run by women, obsessed with colors and easy to apply. So it’s my favorite shortcoming when he’s not wearing it, especially when I’m a little cold, a little hungry and a little nervous talking to Harmony Korine. The only problem: It seems that everyone else has resorted to the easy attraction of the label, so it is in high demand from RTR members. I’m lucky to have my clothes myself … and I will remember next time.


I put my clothes back in their designer clothing bags and leave them at the hotel reception, then take my backpack and head for the airport. The whole thing is so simple, I feel like I’m getting along with something … especially because there’s no big laundry down the road. Rejoice!

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