“If you’re scared of something, eat it!”: Chef in Hanoi creates coronavirus burger – world news

A burger shaped as coronavirus is seen at a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 25, 2020.

You have to eat it, beat it. That’s the philosophy of a Hanoi chef trying to boost morale in the Vietnamese capital by selling coronavirus-based green burgers.

Being at the height of the pandemic, chef Hoang Tung and his team spend days designing dozens of green burger-colored teas along with tiny “crowns” of dough to resemble microscopic images of coronaviruses.

“He has this joke that if you are afraid of something, you should eat it,” said Tung, at the Pizza Home pickup shop in downtown Hanoi.

“That’s why the coronavirus is no longer scary after eating a burger in the form of a virus. This mindset spreads joy to others during this pandemic,” Tung said.

The store was selling about 50 burgers a day, despite the growing number of companies in Vietnam that were forced to close due to the virus.

In mid-February, Vietnam said all of the then-known 16 Covid-19 cases had recovered, but that changed after the influx of foreign visitors and the return of Vietnamese citizens brought problems in the cases.

In Vietnam, 148 cases of the virus were recorded, but no deaths were recorded.

Authorities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have ordered all non-essential businesses to close, though food shops, including Tung’s Takeaway Store, are still open.

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