Inevitably but sadly, Tony’s gift was delayed

Inevitably but sadly, Tony's gift was delayed

When the Broadway theaters closed nearly two weeks ago, on March 12, the Broadway League said it hoped to close by April 13. That day had come as no surprise. according to COVID-19 ravages New York City, and though no new opening date has been announced, the main date of the Broadway calendar has changed: Tony’s gift, originally planned for June 7 , will “delay and reschedule,” according to a news release. The Tony Awards will partner with the broadcast partners of CBS to select the new day.

Spring is a busy season for Broadway, with the show expected to open before April 23 to qualify for Tonys – such as the Oscars and the Emmys, often with the advantage of late opening and keeping the electorate’s heart. Among the shows planned to open in the spring and are now delayed or canceled are the revival of Caroline, or Change; Company; and Take Me; new article by Tracy Letter and Martin McDonagh, and show choreography by Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Greta Gerwig, Mary-Louise Parker,. and many more. McDonagh’s Hangmen and a revival of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was among the reports announcing they would be closed rather than resume when Broadway reopened.

Since the film’s closure, and several locations in New York City have followed, a section of the Broadway star has tried to get a better look at COVID-19. It is unclear when Broadway or other downtown will reopen, and the Tony Awards will have to wait a while to announce the new date. Talk to Vanity Fair journalist Casey Mink On closing day, a Broadway veteran said, “Tonys in July? Why not. “In this case, with the 2020 race now holding, Broadway will be lucky to hold them early.

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